Greg Lopez

Bringing a Forward Vision to Colorado


I'm Greg Lopez, and I'm running to be your next governor...    

We are all so proud of Colorado and what our state has become. We have built one of the strongest economies and can compete nationally, yet we have not served all 64 counties in Colorado well. I promise to extend our reach to "ALL" in our state. I am running for governor to broaden innovation and invest in small business, extending our success and progress to all of Colorado, I will be forward-looking for all. I will ensure we broaden our investments in education while balancing much needed priorities such as transportation, and affordable housing as we continue to grow our economy. My job is to keep Colorado the great place we have all come to know and love. A vote for me is a vote for “All of Colorado".


Public Education

Putting civil rights for education first for all students is important. Historically, public education has been the great equalizer for students of all backgrounds, promising the prospect of equal opportunity. Colorado continues to increase spending in education, yet only one third of 8th grade students demonstrate proficiency in math and reading. I have seen, if children are not taught adequately to read, write, add and subtract, they start the race of life hundreds of yards behind, and are unlikely to get ahead. I support charter schools, vouchers and other innovations benefiting the educational needs of students. As former director of the ACE scholarships program, I recognize that for socio-economically challenged families, school choice works. Making pay for performance, and the teaching of skills for “real life” jobs, for those who may choose a career in the trades, rather than attending college will be my top priority.

Civil Liberties

As Governor, I will work with focus groups and the legislature to resolve the "gun violence" issue, while protecting the second amendment and the fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Colorado “Red Flag” gun bill known as House Bill 18-1436 would have jeopardized a person’s right to due process. It would have the power, by Colorado law, to grant an “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (ERPO), allowing a family, household member or law enforcement officer to petition the court for a temporary ERPO without probable cause and/or adequate evaluation of a person's “mental capacity and/or illness.” Similar to a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), upon issuance of an ERPO, a person would be required to surrender their rights under the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution and would be prohibited from possessing, controlling, purchasing, or receiving a firearm for 182 days or beyond.

Economic Vitality

Economic growth is essential to the success of a community and state. While serving as Mayor of Parker Colorado, I worked with economic development planners and leaders to boost the economy of the fastest growing town in Colorado. Sustaining Economic Vitality and working with the Small Business Association (SBA) are high priorities to stimulate economic growth in the state of Colorado. Colorado small businesses are the heart and soul of every community and they account for 98% of the engine that drives Colorado. In fact, 572,000 small businesses create the most jobs, employing 1 million Coloradoans. As the former director of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Colorado office, I was a strong advocate for small business and during my administration of the Colorado District office I was able to garner $2.6 billion in loans to small business, and $4.6 billion in federal contracts to small businesses, which equates to approximately 45,000 jobs created.

Transportation – Safety for Commerce, Our Families, and Tourism

I am a strong advocate for maintaining and improving the roads of our great state, as this is vitally important to our economy. Most items purchased in Colorado are delivered by truck, which requires our bridges and roads to be consistently maintained and kept safe. Our tourist industry also demands improved infrastructure for healthy commerce and return visitors. GI pledge never to ignore or play politics with transportation. Instead, my commitmetnt is to review and advocate for the non-negotiable elements of Colorado’s transportation health

Health Care- A Quality System: Stable and Accessible to All

Greg Lopez will work closely with our state’s top health officials, our Congressional Delegation, and others to find quality healthcare solutions for all of Colorado. The healthcare debate is ongoing at the national level, but as Governor, his priority is to advocate for citizens wherever this debate leads. Greg believes healthcare must be affordable, available and accessible, regardless one’s zip code. Nearly half of Coloradoans live outside of the Denver-metro area, in less populated counties and Greg is adamant that rural communities must have quality medical facilities to care for our farmers, ranchers and others.

Water – Preserving Our Rights, Planning for Our Future

Greg Lopez understands the importance of protecting the current and future water needs of Coloradoans. The history of water in Colorado is complicated, and there are inter-state compacts that Colorado is a part of. Greg pledges to conduct a thorough review of the Colorado Water Plan generated by the Colorado Water Conservation Board – working closely with them, the Colorado Water Congress, and listening to the many voices that sit on Colorado’s regional basin roundtables. Greg knows that innovative water management and new water supply projects are vital. Without water, there can be no life.

2nd Amendment

I’ve always believed the 2nd Amendment contains the most powerful 27 words assembled within the Bill of Rights. Some of the world’s greatest preventable tragedies exacted through tyranny, were aided by government policies that seized guns from the citizenry. Chief among the reasons why our population is secure today, can be credited to the 2nd Amendment. We own 88 guns per 100 citizens, and I will always protect the right to keep and bear arms. To mention two areas of key importance to me: 1. National Carry Reciprocity: All states respect another states driver’s license, they should all respect another states concealed carry permits.2. Allow military personnel to carry concealed or have open-carry on bases, and at recruiting centers: Our men and women in the armed forces have the best firearms training in the world, as do our police. Terrorists have targeted military recruiting centers, and we should trust our military personnel to be armed, as we trust our men and women in law enforcement.New laws which serve to restrict law-abiding gun owners do not serve Colorado, nor do they serve America. Where crime is concerned, we should faithfully enforce laws already on the books. The highest crime rates in America happen to be in cities that also have the most strict “gun control” provisions: Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Detroit, New York City, and Los Angeles. The 2nd Amendment is clear, and you can always count on my support to preserve this essential right.